What are Psychic Powers?

Psychic powers can be described as the sixth sense because it’s very far from our five physical senses. It can also be referred to as a metaphysical ability by some. Psychic powers and intuition can be viewed as the same thing but it is said that intuition is a state of our conscious mind which anyone can tap into. This is why it can act as the beginning of developing psychic powers.

Everyone was born with a sense of intuition but to have psychic powers, you must develop this intuition and ramp it up to another level. Psychic abilities help people with their decisions which can lead to a better life. It is also a way to connect with the spiritual side of our being. There are many types of psychic abilities and some people may have one or more of these inside them. Here are some of these so called abilities and their definitions.

Clairvoyance comes from the French words “clair” meaning clear, and “voyant” which means seeing. This ability involves some information that comes from a different source but is hidden to the one that’s receiving it. Clairvoyance includes some knowledge about events that happened in the past, happening in the present or will happen in the future. There is not scientific way for a person to know this information but clairvoyance is the main reason why. A good way to describe a clairvoyant experience is when you meet someone that you think you already know. It’s also a feeling that you need to relay a message at a certain moment even though you don’t know how you got the message. This is also what most psychic readers have.

Psychic Dreams
Psychic dreams involve information about events that will happen in the future being revealed to the dreamer. The images that come to the dreamer are interpreted by them through their own life experiences. Vivid dreams are those dreams that stir your intuition when you wake up and serve as good clues for a psychic dream. There are many images in the dream that may serve as a warning or a wake-up call that you need to check something important in your life. This “something” will depend on the images that you see in your dream. For dreams you want to be interpreted, you can ask online psychics that offer free questions.

When you know something without having any experience about it previously, it’s known as intuition. The word intuition came from the Latin word “intueri” which means to see within. Intuition is also known to most people as their gut instinct. If your gut instinct tells you to check your bag again, it’s because you might have left something. If your gut instinct tells you not to trust someone although they have a very good reputation, you might save yourself from big trouble.

This is the ability to perceive some information about places, people and things before they actually happen. This is the most common psychic power and can also be defined as your “aha!” moment. It can come to you as a thought that comes to mind or a vision that you see in a dream or when you’re half-awake.

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