Creating a Masterpiece in the Right Conditions

Everyone knows that artists are very emotional and sensitive. This is why most artists are considered eccentric and are very different from a normal person. This is also true when they are in the process of creating their masterpiece. Most artists are very nitpicky about the things around them and they are sometimes very meticulous about their work environment. This leads to difficulties in finding the perfect moment, place and time to create. There are many factors that can affect their mood and it can take days to months for them to create something new.

Low Self Esteem
Most artists have low self-esteem and don’t see their work as perfect or beautiful enough. Having low self-esteem leads artists to doubt themselves while they are creating their masterpiece. It can be a cause of delay because they will always try to revise their work, waste time and not finish anything.

What they need is for someone to motivate them and tell them that their creations are beautiful. Of course, you have to mean it when you say it because artists are sensitive and are easily hurt especially when it comes to their artworks.

Lack of Inspiration
An artist needs a lot of inspiration to create his masterpiece. The inspiration that he finds will also be the basis of what he’s going to create. A good way to find inspiration is by going out and taking a walk. There are many things outside that can inspire you to draw or paint. However, there are many artists who draw their inspiration on many other things like emotions, violence, sex and many more.

Non-conducive environment
The place where an artist works needs to be his sanctuary. He must feel very comfortable and at home in this place to be able to create. There are many places that can be turned into an art space but not all of them can be conducive to the artist himself. The first thing that comes to mind when choosing an art space is the ventilation. It’s good to keep in mind that the artist might spend days or even months inside his art space and this requires proper ventilation. Air-conditioning is always a good idea for art spaces because there are some materials that cannot tolerate high temperatures. It’s also good for the artist to make him feel more comfortable while doing his job. A portable AC could be considered if the work space changes periodically. After all, no one wants to work on something if it’s incredibly hot.

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Bad weather
The weather can affect the artist’s mood and cause some delay on the process of creating art. Some artists get their inspiration from going outside and taking a look at nature. If there is a storm, this can prevent them from going out and getting their inspiration by sitting near a lake or doing some cloud watching. During winter or cold season, an artist might just like to stay in bed. Most artists are perfectionists so they would like to work and create when the temperature and weather is also perfect for them.

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